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The works of Leonardo da Vinci appeals to lots of different kinds of people, including artists, engineers, historians, scientists, designers, inventors — and my two kids. One enjoys old books and calligraphy, while the other finds any machine that flies, magical. So it’s no surprise that they’d both find this papercraft set of da Vinci’s flying machines so fascinating. The set features a set of full-color printed aircraft. Each major component is printed separately, so my kids can pop them out and assemble, one by one.

There is also an engaging booklet, which offers instructions and insights to each machine. In over 30 pages, it also covers da Vinci, his notebooks, writing style, and more. Some of the machines fly — as paper airplanes — and a simple slingshot is included to help, along with a few pages of instructions on using it effectively. It’s quite a set and a delightful papercraft gift for any young person excited by the wide-ranging works of Leonardo da Vinci.