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We unbox, review, and show you how to assemble the “L Shaped Office Desk, Home Corner Desk, Computer Office PC Laptop Study Table Workstation Home Office Wood & Metal” available here via Amazon:

We’re really happy with this sleek and modern desk!

It’s a nice height for typing or writing. You can lean your arms on the desk if you like. It works well with a screen set on the left, right, or placed diagonally in the middle.

It is a generous size, without getting in the way. We have two PCs, a printer, and other materials set up on ours, and there’s still room to spare.

It would look great in any office, or in homes with a Modern or contemporary design. I love the rich textured surface. We’ve found that the functional design helps us reduce clutter, too.

In addition to its great looks, it’s rock solid, and easy to move around and use however you like. Let me walk you through how to assemble it, to help visualize the steps in the booklet and to get an idea of how easy it all is.

Altogether the assembly process is very straightforward and simple to do. They even give you an extra nut and bolt of each type just in case.

I suggest with attaching each of these that you attach them loosely first, to make sure everything fits together well, then tighten them all up.

The desk only takes one person to complete. Please watch the video to learn more about the specific steps.

We found that the desk looks very fine and may be situated in a corner, or away from walls, however you like.

It’s quite modern with a wood textured finish that’s really comfortable to the touch, looks great, reduces clutter — and what a great deal, too!

Again, you may find this inexpensive L-shaped Desk here via Amazon: Thanks for watching!