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This book is such a wonderful concept! It explains how to fix and actually “darn” (more than simply stitching) everything from socks to sweaters. The goal here is to come up with something fun to make and see, celebrating the unusual while adding a little creativity and frugality to our day-to-day lives. The book is very well made, printed on thick, high quality paper, with full-color, full page photos and added commentary, tips, and little step-by-step photos, too.

Once you read through all the creative ideas, which are all pretty simple to do, it’s easy to apply what you’ve learned on many items of clothing and in a wide variety of approaches. The book is super helpful in that respect, with real-life experience and quality explained so that anyone could do it, even if we weren’t as clever as the author in devising them ourselves, if that makes sense. My daughter is thrilled and her friends are asking her to show them what she’s learned. “They’re like tattoos for my clothes!” she says. I am impressed with this wonderful book and so glad she’s found a simple way to express herself so well.