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This is a lovely book filled with lovely patterns from the Regency era which ran, more or less, from 1795 to 1835. This is the setting of the works of Jane Austen, inventor of the novel as we know it. Wonderful books! And this book is a wonderful addition to any embroidery enthusiast’s or Austen aficionado’s library. The book itself is paperback yet surprisingly well-made, with excellent paper and printing throughout. There is an introduction to the era and embroidery of the period, with some helps for getting started for the novice.

The explanation of silks was eye-opening for me. There are many color photos throughout. Lovely! Well-drawn illustrations are found alongside helpful step-by-step instructions for each of the many projects, in a well-designed layout. Happily, the book often returns to Austen, explaining the whats, hows, and whys of fashion, fabrics, and clothing, which are mentioned in each Austen book. The designs within are wonderful. Detailed without getting fussy. I love how they balance their elegance while being so very pretty. The measured use of negative space definitely appeals to the modern eye. Many projects offer several variations, such as patterns for different types of flowers, so there are far more than 15 projects within.