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I found this a lovely and inspiring coloring book. Each page is printed on a single side of each of the 31 pages. Each design appears to be all-new. The book exemplifies good coloring book design. It is drawn with a consistent line width, without any black fills or superfine details. There are a few slight lines for texture, as on flower petals. The illustrations are primarily floral, with occasional branches, nests, birds, nests, and butterflies.

Each page features a quote from “The Book of Proverbs,” as found in the King James version of the Bible. The quotes are printed in a wide variety of typefaces. I find this to be a meditative experience, as I color each page, pondering the wisdom of Solomon. When I share the completed pages around my home, on the fridge or wherever, it’s a reminder about what I’ve learned from pondering the quote. It’s helped me find a little more peace in a weary world.