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I was seriously so excited to receive How to Make 100 Paper Flowers! I’m such a huge fan of making paper flowers and I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to it. I have enjoyed making them out of many materials, like coffee filters, felt, scrapbook paper and scrap paper.

The very best thing about them is that they don’t die in a few days! I tell my husband to not buy me real flowers, because even though they are gorgeous, I just feel disappointed in a few days when they die. But, I love how making paper flowers has the double benefit of being able to make them myself, plus they last a long time.

In How to Make 100 Paper Flowers, the instructions are clearly shown in text and photos and also there is a final product photo. The book comes across to me as clean and very clear and concise in the explanations. I also like how they use different techniques, like origami and quilling, in addition to cutting. I’ve already tried making the crepe paper rose with my young daughter, and I saw so many others, too, that I can’t wait to try. I’m so happy about this book and I high recommend it to anyone who enjoys making paper flowers!


About the Author:
For Maria Noble, making flowers is a lifelong passion that began as a child watching her mother and aunt run a floral business. Using innovative methods, they made beautiful flowers from fabric, paper, and other materials for weddings and other special events. Maria started her own business ten years ago, incorporating her inherited skills and exploring ideas of her own to create new, distinctive flowers. The business has flourished, and now her exquisite flowers are sought out by consumers and businesses nationwide, including leading event planners in New York and Los Angeles. Her flowers have been featured in various magazines and on popular websites.