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I have followed a professional illustrator for years who seemingly earns millions (or at least a good living) doing what looks an awful lot like very simplistic doodles. My daughter enjoys them too and said she’d love to learn to draw like him.

So, here’s how she’s learning to do just that. This is a fun and engaging guide to drawing in a doodling style, geared toward children, but really appropriate for beginners of all ages. It breaks down drawings into basic shapes to which simple details are added, all of which can be done with a ballpoint pen (or whatever you have on hand). It’s all quite simple and yet is the basis for literally all visual art, right up to the masters.

The book itself is quite engaging and fun, filled with colorful doodle style illustrations. There is an extended introductory section to help beginners get started. Each chapter offers several lessons and covers of full range of typical illustration. The chapters include getting started drawing with ballpoint pens, drawing animals, drawing people, drawing everyday objects, patterns and borders (including decorative lettering), holidays and seasonal illustrations.

It’s simply fantastic. My daughter loves it and carries it with her wherever she goes.