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I and my probably-too-old-for-paper-dolls daughters all really love paper dolls. We’ve delighted in modern re-imaginging versions of paper dolls, often with historical designs and clothing well beyond the grasp of most young girls. But I have to say none of us were entirely prepared for this delightful paper doll book and set!

We’re royal fans, and while the book is printed on rich card stock with a well-chosen palette of similarly intense colors and based on a surprisingly detailed and lovely illustrative style. The thing that really caught our eye were the beautiful, in-real-life dresses that the duchess actually wore, from real designers, at specific events. They’re really lovely! Such wonderful taste, and seeing them up close, as it were, we’re both impressed and delighted with her wardrobe, and how it seems to have magically been captured in this wonderful all-ages paper doll set.