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Natural Wonders has playfully detailed foliage — along with a few insects and even gardening tools. It offers a wide variety of illustrations, from pages with only uniformly thin outlines to those with thick lines to those with everything all together, which I find to be really fun. The book has a stapled glossy cover, and I love to use colored pencils to color in the gorgeous nature patterns. Very soothing!

Botanical Wonders is one of my favorite grown up coloring books. It includes a brief inside-cover tutorial on understanding colors, plus helpful tips on shading and coloring. It features exotic and stylized foliage, some of which is relaxing repeating patterns, and others which are more playfully non-repeating. The plant-life, mostly flowers, includes a few birds and insects, too. I think it would work for all ages, and has a stapled glossy cover. The illustrations are rendered with generally consistent line widths (thin to medium thickness) throughout.

I thought Kaleidoscope Wonders had some amazing patterns to color in. It also includes brief tutorials on tips on shading, coloring, and understanding colors. There is a variety of repeating geometric patterns that I found very relaxing to color in and I especially like to do so rihgt before bed. I find myself especially gravitating towards the circular patterns, which are particularly relaxing and meditative for me.

I have enjoyed looking at gorgeous mandalas for many years, and I was excited to have the chance to color some myself! Like the other books in the series, Mandala Wonders includes helpful tutorials on colors, coloring and shading on the inside of the cover. The geometric and vaguely floral spirals are just beautiful and I find the repetitions of patterns great for encouraging relaxation and meditation.

I think Floral Wonders lends itself very well to this type of coloring book for grown ups. The repeating flower petal patterns are fun for me to color in with colored pencils and then highlight with gel pens. I like to choose a palette for each page and then keep to those colors for a more consistent look. The pages are blank on the back, so they can be torn out and given as gifts or used as decor, too.

Living Wonders features a wide variety of animals arrayed in playful patterns. This would make a great gift for someone with a pack of colored pencils. Even for adults, it is a comforting exercise to draw in these books, I like how it reminds me of being a child and coloring, but it also frees my mind to actually think through things, too, since it is not too demanding of a creative activity.