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Geeky LEGO Crafts is a fun and friendly LEGO “recipe” book, with 21 ideas for quirky and/or geeky projects. Most are small and would work well as a desk decoration or as a Christmas tree ornament. I think my son, who works at a large tech company, is going to make several to hang on the walls of his cubicle, like the LEGO deer head trophy.

There are lots of unexpected things, like Nintendo NES controllers which double as a smartphone charging station. There are several 8-bit, 2-D designs — made useful — like Space Invader pen or paper clip holders, or Zelda keys as (what else) keychain holder. Many of them could be swapped, like the Zelda torches, which can be used as a mail or document holder, could be built into a book-ends. Right now, my kids are using a stack of magnets, a hot glue gun, and are making Tetris blocks for our refrigerator.