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America Recycles Day is on November 15th, and many people are seeking ways to reuse, repurpose, and recycle simple items – recognizing the importance this day has on our environment. To help out, TheSoul Publishing, whose 5-Minute Crafts Recycle YouTube page has over 3 million followers, is sharing some easy ways to participate and repurpose household times. Here are some of the ideas!

  • Use empty bottle caps to create floral coasters: Create a floral shape using empty soda bottle caps, and iron down to create cute DIY coasters that are 100% recycled (More info here)
  • DIY Cosmetics Holder: Use a hot glue gun to layer drinking straws into a grid formation, then use to store your makeup! (More info here)
  • Longer-Lasting Candles: Did you know that frozen candles take longer to burn down? Save your favorite scent by popping your candle in the freezer before lighting it! (More info here)
  • Revitalize Dirty Sponges: Putting a dirty sponge in the microwave makes it good as new – and will save both money and resources. (More info here)