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I remember my grandmother, and mother making quilts, so I guess it’s not surprising that I’ve taken up this wonderful hobby creating these beautiful and useful works of art. Over time, I’ve come to realize, though, that one of the reasons I have such vivid memories of my quilts being made during my childhood is because they can take so long to make! I remember my mom’s quilting frame taking up the living room for weeks. Of course, I and my family treasure those quilts still today. Along with that realization, I kind of left off with my own quilt-making, worried about taking up space for so long. So I was delighted to find this book which offers a real solution to my quandary.

Each of these beautiful patterns and concepts is something that I could make in 24 hours, say, over a relaxing long weekend, or if I want to take my time, still, only a week or so. There are 20 patterns. The book has a gallery of photos of each, set in real life, that are lovely. Then, each pattern has a photo of the quilt laid flat, plus diagrams and step-by-step instructions. The book overall, and the designs within, are well conceived, well-written, and fun to make. It’s like of a brainstorm in a book that’s inspired me to create some more treasured quilts of my own!

This is such a brilliant concept. The book is a coloring book of quilt designs, laid out in black and white. The book is printed on thick, high quality paper, so I can use different kinds of coloring, whatever I like. There’s a variety of designs within, from straightforward to detailed to refined. Some designs are traditional while others are innovative. What a delight to color! I’m even thinking of quilting one of the designs in real life and it’s giving me the opportunity to try out different color combinations that could work for quilts to create. I love this wonderful coloring book!