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Check out these fun and engaging origami books for kids! All of them come with origami papers and the kits would make a great gift for children.

This is a delightful introductory origami book, intended for young people, I think. It features many familiar creatures and offers colorful step-by-step instructions along the way to make origami easy and fun. The full-color, illustrated guide includes a diagram for each step, aside clear instructions to help explain how to do it. I know some kids will be fixated on creating their favorite animals, so the book includes projects for a rooster, pig, horse, hen, cow, duck, duckling, frog, fish, puppy, cat, caterpillar, water lily, spider, flower, bird, rabbit, fox, bat, owl, mouse, and moth.

The projects are rated by difficulty, which makes it easy to progress in your folding skills. The book is well made and colorful, with well-drawn illustrations, and engaging text, bound well with high-quality paper and clear printing. Inside the front cover is a clear envelope with origami papers to help get started. This would make a great gift for any animal-loving child who wants to learn how to create their own origami!

This is a wonderful introduction to the fun and inexpensive hobby of origami. The focus here is on different wild animals. I suspect that some of you will be only looking for your favorites, so this book includes projects such as: elephant, giraffe, lion, rhino, zebra, monkey, crocodile, gorilla, tiger, parrot, camel, snake, fennec fox, desert tortoise, beetle, vulture, arctic hare, penguin, polar bear, narwhal, and reindeer.

Each project is broken up into a simple step-by-step approach, generally between 15-20 steps. Each step includes a helpful text description and a colorful diagram. I like that it comes with a pack of origami papers to get kids excited about making their own creations right away!

This is a reprint, in English, of a popular origami guide first printed in Switzerland. I can see why they did that! It’s so well done. There are hundreds of plain and patterned origami papers, ranging from traditional classics to eye-catching modern styles. The eight projects which are featured here include a little bird, caterpillar, 19 fold butterfly, crab, Scottish terrier dog, cat, turtle, and owl.

The color photos, diagrams, and simple instructions make each project easy to do. Of course, there are plenty of papers for projects beyond those included here, and the papers mean that mistakes are no big deal. This charming book would make a great gift, especially for young animal lovers.