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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

This is a fantastic introduction to how basic coding works. It’s a simple story of a little girl, Pe(a)rl, and her robot friend Pascal, going to the beach to make a sand castle. . The book is made very well, with high quality printing and binding. And I have to say that the illustrations are truly outstanding. Fresh and delightful full page watercolors make each page a joy, as the story pulls you along happily, while introducing various coding concepts.

Concepts include what code is (breaking large tasks into little ones), a sequence (different parts of a story, in order), a loop (repeating the same sequence), and more. As a life-long programmer, I’m delighted to share this delightful book with my children! It’s a great intro to all that STEMy programming goodness. Very well done!

This is a fun book which highlights the benefits of helping those in need. The story is engaging with lots of world-class (elementary school level) puns. The charming and warm illustrations are really the highlight here. They are masterfully done, humorous, and capture a lot of personality and emotion, while being really colorful and fun to look at.

The book is printed in a really high quality way, with vivid printing. And don’t forget to look at the images on the cover, under the dust jacket, and on the endpapers, which help tell much of the story, including its happy resolution. Helping is fun!