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Such a clever concept! This coloring book features all-original designs based on 30+ drawings of knitted projects, still lifes, and images both realistic and whimsical. Since they’re knitted, there are many tiny areas drawn out, but since they are generally part of a larger knitted work, many would be colored over with a single color, if that makes sense. They’re delightful and lovely designs, that are fun to color, and I love how often I get to decide how to bunch different areas together with the same shade. My DH wanted me to color “The Dude Abides” design for him, and I’m happy to color it for him! Along with all the other designs! Each design is on one-side-only of each page, and may be colored with pens, pencils, whatever. This would be a fun gift for anyone who likes to knit — and color!

This is a lovely book for advanced knitters. The beautiful book includes color photos, diagrams, and instructions all kinds of wraps — shawls, scarves, blanket scarves, ponchos, capes, and stoles — although I suppose that calling them all “shawls” is accurate, too. Many are triangular in shape, like a large kerchief. Some designs are more intricate, while others are more straightforward. All offer a very pretty and composed, yet insouciant, style. My favorite so far is the Puno Shawl which I made in a creamy, natural cotton, which I wear both forward (as shown on the cover) and “backward,” with the ends wrapped around, under a jacket. Just lovely!

Knit caps have come a long, long way in the fashion world from when they were simply “ski caps!” Now, they can be stylish and lovely — while keeping me a little warmer. Plus, they help out, in a pinch, on less-than-ideal hair days. Or, they would, if I could actually find nicer and more style conscious ones in the stores. Well, my days of hunting for nice caps is over, with the help of this fantastic book! The book itself is straightforward with nice photos of each, a helpful introduction, and standard coded instructions for actually making them. I love how the designs are ranked from easy to intermediate (though I wouldn’t say the book was for strictly beginners). My favorite so far is the baggy-ish “Charlie Chevron” hat, that I made with thinner yarn and offers a looser fit in a slightly larger hat. It looks so nice! What a help this great book is!

This is such a clever concept. The “book” aspect is bound on the top of each coloring page. There are abotu 20 pages of instructions for numerous origami animals and more. You can color each pattern however you like. There’s a wide variety of designs, some with centered designs, other an assortment of objects, and so on. Each page includes an inspiring quote to contemplate while coloring. Once it’s complete, I just use scissors to cut out the design and fold the paper into an origami design of my choice — catamaran boat, butterfly, angelfish, goldfish, swan, peacock, crane,heart, rose, and unicorn. It adds a fun element to a relaxing hobby!