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My daughter loves to crochet. But I haven’t seen her enjoy crocheting anything more than these cute little puppies, from corgis to labs to poodles to chihuahuas and more! The book features lots of vivid and large photos, with fairly advanced abbreviation-based instructions, along with clear and helpful instructions for some of the more unusual parts of making a little stuffed animal. And wow, they sure are cute when complete! A great gift for any crocheting (medium skills and up) person who loves cute things!

This is an engagingly cute scrapbook filled with brief prompts about every notable, fun, or funny thing you little boy might do. It’s very high quality — well-bound, printed on quality paper, with endearing little illustrations throughout. The clever layouts on each page are fun and quite clever, too. The book includes a pocket to put your baby’s photo on the cover, and a ribbon to tie the book closed. The book has many areas where you can list a YouTube video link to watch in the future, too. It’s a fun keepsake book for the little ones in your life!

You know, those hippies really knew something about crafts generally, and macrame in particular. It’s such a delightful hobby, requiring few tools beyond the string/thread/whatever. It’s something that can be adapted to all sorts of items, and doesn’t need to be (A) huge, (B) an owl, or (C) a houseplant hanger of thick, scratchy twine. But, until I’d received this wonderful and lovely book, I didn’t realize it could be adapted to thin and colorful jewelry!

The book offers the basic-basics, and goes from there. It is well suited to any beginner. It seems to focus on including beads and other objects within the jewelry pieces, but after going through a few projects, I can see all sorts of things I could create, with or without beads of one kind or another. The photos and layout are lovely, with clear and engaging text, alongside.

My daughter has turned into an big crochet fan and she thought the projects in this book were just a delight. Some of the designs look vintage and remind me of my grandmother’s dishcloths. There are also many adorable and current looking ideas, from owls to honeybee. We love the sweet strawberry and the perky pig, too! The instructions are very complete and easy to follow if you know the basics of crochet. A great book for medium to experts.

I have a little boy in my house who is thrilled with all things “space.” I was a little nervous about this book because some activity books are basically ruined by using the book as intended, because there is either is no book left over after the crafts are made, or what is left is riddled with holes of now-missing pieces of paper crafts. Here, though, Dover offers a much better approach, and my boy is really happy with it.

Here, there is a large board book, with illustrations filling each page, and engaging, brief descriptions of different levels of space exploration. Further, each two-page spread includes a cleverly attached, fold-out card-stock spaceship. You can pop out, fold, and keep each spacecraft, yet still retain a high-quality book afterwards. Well done!