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With Christmas just around the corner and the majority of people stuck at home, what better time to get stuck into crafts?

The most viewed media and entertainment creator across Facebook and YouTube, TheSoul Publishing, has shared a list of crafts and wrapping hacks to get you in the festive spirit with affordable materials that you may already have at home. Check out the full list here or our top tips below:

    • Gift wrapping that won’t break the bank
      Forget expensive gift wrapping. You can make beautifully wrapped presents with foil, a brown paper bag and some ribbon. See all 15 gift wrapping ideas here.
    • Easy homemade Christmas cards
      A handmade Christmas card from the heart is always a good gift that will cost pennies. You might already have all the supplies that you will need, such as buttons, cinnamon sticks, ribbons, and even peanuts! How to make easy homemade Christmas Cards.
    • Painted homemade Christmas cards 
      If you are feeling a little more ambitious, find out how to make Christmas cards using paint, glitter and glue.
    • Make your own decorations 
      From knitting festive hats from leftover bits of wool to origami stars, there are plenty of decorations that you can make in less than 30 minutes, with limited supplies needed.
    • Decorations you can make with kids 
      Kids love getting their hands dirty and our mini Christmas trees and potato painted reindeer allow them to do so artistically. Here are 15 decorations that you can make with your little ones this Christmas.
    • Festive treats 
      If you’re into baking, check out these sweet festive treats that are just as much fun to make as they are to eat.