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This is a book and cross stitch set for feminists who have something to say about their place in the world. The projects are pretty straightforward and the book is very helpful, with a helpful intro for beginners. Some of the patterns juxtapose hardcore slogans with traditional style patterns, while other designs are entirely original.

The slogans include: The We Can Do It!, Power! (on a pink cat ears beanie cap), Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History, Girls Just Wanna Have FUNdamental Human Rights, RIP Gender Roles (carved on tombstones), Don’t Tell Me to Smile, Not Your Babe, The Future is Female, Smash the Patriarchy, Resist! and more.

Many are quite clever, like the Ruth Bader Ginsburg-inspired design of a lace-style color that reads “I Dissent!” It reminds me of the color she’d wear over her robes when she dissented in her rulings to protect women’s rights. The book is well-designed with lots of color photos and design patterns.

I can tell the patterns were designed by a real designer and they are all visually compelling. I especially like the Centennial Suffragette logo, which is fantastic. The projects are within reach of absolute beginners so if this sounds like fun for you or a friend, go for it! It’s great.