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When I was young, my parents encouraged us kids to keep a journal, explaining (in simple terms) that it would help us to analyze our lives and improve ourselves. That sounded pretty good to me, and I was excited to get a journal for Christmas. Unfortunately, as I gazed at the blank pages, I had no idea what to write about. Over time, the blank book because a reminder of the many things I ought to be doing, but had no idea how to even begin, much less carry through successfully. That’s why I’m so excited about this new book from Christine Boucher.

Yes, it is framed as a journal, yet it’s so much more! Each page is in color, designed in a fun and engaging style, with helpful text throughout. The text not only offers prompts for writing about this or that, but it offers helpful encouragement and advice, and reinforces the excellent counsel with activities that help my children learn, remember and visualize these insights in their own lives. The encouraging quotes from famous people are also well-chosen and a big help, too. It’s really wonderful. So, more than a blank journal, it helps overcome common hurdles during adolescence. This would make an excellent gift!