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Eureka Brushroll Upright Vacuum Review

Since we got married, it seems like we’ve gone through a vacuum each year. But actually, that was no great loss because all the vacuums were frustrating to use: – Mostly, the vacuums we had before didn’t suck up the dirt and dust very well.
– Some vacuums had bags that were hard to know when filled, hard hard to empty, hard to install, hard to find at the store, and expensive to replace.
– The vacuums filled the room with dust in the air.
– They scattered dirt behind them, especially on hard floors.
– Their cords were too short.
– Their rollers would get clogged with hair…
– So we had to clean the roller every time we used it, which was a hassle.
– And then they’d get jammed with tiny bits of paper or whatever.
– And on top of all that, the vacuums would break down anyway. So now we just got what I hope is the last vacuum I ever have to buy — the Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal Bagless Upright Vacuum. Here’s why: – It is super powerful.
– It’s easy to use.
– It uses a canister, so no more bags.
– It has a comfortable handle.
– It has a self cleaning roller, which is seriously a modern-day miracle.
– It has a super healthy mega filter thing so it doesn’t fill the air with dust.
– And it has barriers on the floor so it doesn’t scatter the dirt around behind the vacuum, either.
– It also has a 27-foot long cord with an automatic retractor. (I don’t think I’m ever more than 27 feet from a plug, unless I’m driving down the highway.)
– It has a long hose with numerous attachments for upholstery, corners, baseboards, blinds, and any other nooks and crannies. You can vacuum floors by turning the roller off with foot pedal, and it doesn’t scatter anything around your floor. Which means that you can clean all your floors in any room at once, regardless of how many surfaces there are. Plus, the Eureka works really well, doesn’t lose suction, and is so powerful, that it picks up obscene amounts of dirt and dust I never knew I had. Meanwhile, the brush roller so effective, that the carpet looks like new — clean, fluffed up, and soft — every time we vacuum. No jams at all. Another miracle. We used to have a bent hanger set on the vacuum to clean it when it jammed, which was basically every time we used it. The brush roller cleaner thing works so well — press a pedal and the hair and string and whatever is gone. So easy — no more scissors and knives every time we clean house. Cleaning the canister is easily done also. Click two latches and that’s it. Snaps back in, fits perfect, rock solid, and done. And the super-long cord retracts in an instant at the push of a button. I’m so glad we found this vacuum, the last vacuum I hope to ever buy.