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Since I have my own craft business, I was very interested in getting my hands on some tips and helps for my cottage industry. I like to say that I’m an artist, not an accountant, but I definitely need to learn as much as I can to ensure the success of my small business.

Mollie Makes: Making It! had lots of good ideas for me that were written in plain English, like not waiting until two weeks before taxes are due to look over your financial records. The book covers topics like where to sell and advertise, as well as financial and networking helps. I especially appreciated the “expert tips” from business people who have helped craft businesses flourish. They gave interesting answers to the questions asked of them and I really learned a lot about what to do (or not do!).

I really enjoyed Candie Cooper’s previous book, Necklaceology, so I was excited to see her new book featuring earrings, called Earringology. There’s lots of info at the start of the book that covers basic materials and techniques for jewelry making. I loved seeing all the different styles and my favorite was the Love Lines, with tiny gold hearts dangling from purple and blue chains, so pretty!

The how-tos for making the earrings are very well documented in photos, including one (or more) photos for each step of the process. I started by making the Life spiral earrings, which are simple, yet gorgeous. I really want to try out the Beach Stones earrings next, they are just incredible, with tiny green beach glass pieces wrapped in wire and hanging with silver circles and droplet gems. There’s fifty projects in the book, it will surely keep me busy!