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This is a fun recap of the hit movie, with lots of fun, original illustrations throughout. It’s written at the appropriate grade level, and well written overall, yet the plot is quite complex, so if your children aren’t fans of the movie already, this may not be the best choice. If they are, though, it’s a fun revisiting that gets to the major points of the plot by discussing each character and the dramatic questions they face.

This is a fun paperback retelling of the movie’s plot which is wisely limited to the first two-thirds or so of the story. It is cleverly told in the first person, from the perspective of Edgin, who is speaking/writing to the reader, as he introduces each major character on his team. The overall text explains how each member of his team helps them to reach their goals and escape the obstacles they meet along the way. Another highlight of this version is the original illustrations which are colorful and fun throughout.

Both of these novelized versions of the Dungeons and Dragons movie, Honor Among Thieves, are told remarkably well! It’s an exciting introduction to the film, as this team faces amazing challenges to (re)build their team. It would be a great way to explore the world further, for fans of the film. The somewhat simplified novelization doesn’t waste time while still conveying the action — and notably, the humor — of the original film. Both the junior novelization and the deluxe novelization include eight pages of full-color images of the characters in the story, taken from the movie. Each page has a black and white border, and appropriate little icons, which help elevate the tale, along with full page, black and white illustrations of the dragon promised in the title. The only real difference between the two versions is that the deluxe version is in hardcover, while the other is in paperback. Either way, this will be a keepsake for fans of the film!