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This soap has it all, creamy soothing yogurt, amazing scents and exfoliating oatmeal!

Cinnamon Yogurt Soap

12oz Distilled Water
7oz Lye
23oz Olive Oil
16oz Coconut Oil
7oz Sunflower Oil
4oz Castor Oil
1oz Lemon Essential Oil
.3 oz Lavender Essential Oil
.2 oz Cinnamon bark essential oil
.5mL Marjoram Essential Oil
2 tbsp oatmeal
7oz Plain Mountain High Yogurt

Line soap mold with freezer paper.

With gloves on and in a well vented space pour lye slowly into distilled water and stir until dissolved, set aside.

Combine and heat all oils on stove until liquid then set aside to let cool.

When both the lye, water and oils have cooled pour oils into mixing bowl and combine with yogurt.

Slowly add the lye water to the oil and yogurt mixture and blend thoroughly with stick blender or by hand for 5 minutes.

Pour into mold and top with a sprig of herbs.

Cover with plastic wrap.

Source: Holiday Cinnamon Yoghurt Soap – Mountain High Yoghurt