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This is such a fun project book! It comes with all of the supplies to create ten different Disney princesses out of felt. I love that they are all made using handstitching and don’t need a sewing machine at all. That way, I keep whatever doll I’m working on in a plastic zip lock quart bag in my purse and can take it out and work on it wherever I am.

It didn’t take me very long to make a finished doll, maybe 2-3 hours taking my time. I am familiar with basic hand and embroidery stitches, so I didn’t need much of a refresher. But, if you are new to this craft, there is a lot of info in the start of the book that tells in detail how to do each type of stitch needed to make these little princesses.

If you know anyone that likes to craft, even if they are a beginner, this is a perfect gift for them. It has all the materials, plus an instruction book, that all come complete in a recloseable box. Any little girl would love one of these handmade, chibi-cute princesses!