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I learned some basic crochet techniques when I was young, but my daughter is the main one who enjoys crochet at this point. So, I gave her this Peanuts Crochet kit and she is really enjoying it. The amigurumi style characters are very cute and I love the small size, too. They are easy to tuck into your purse and take with you as a quick toy and diversion for a young child.

My daughter tried out Snoopy first and did pretty well making it, she made the regular Snoopy, but it also has a pattern for the Flying Ace Snoopy, too. Peanuts Crochet comes with a pattern for his doghouse, I copied it onto cardstock so it would be a little more sturdy and it looks very cute with the Snoopy character. We are going to buy additional yarn so she can make the rest of the characters, too. This would make a really fun gift if you know someone who loves to crochet.

I got this Disney Classic Crochet kit for my daughter, as she is enjoying practicing her crocheting skills. She taught herself to crochet with the help of books from our local library and also YouTube videos and is getting pretty good at it.

This kit has all the materials to make Mickey and Donald, and it also comes with a little book that has instructions for making those two, plus Minnie Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and several other classic characters. There’s a lot of photo instructions, so it’s easy to follow along. She’s working on Mickey right now, but I hope she does Jiminy Cricket later, he’s adorable!