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This darling set of crocheted delectables includes a colorful gift box, instructional book, and materials to make two characters. Each character is described in the book, with templates, instructions, helpful hints, and colorful photos which show even beginners how to crochet these cute foods brought to “life.”

The guide includes instructions for corn on the cob, oranges, peas in a pod, turnip, hamburger, BLT, eggs, hot dog, sushi rolls, cupcakes, donuts, and tea with cookies. So cute! In the photo above you can see the adorable chocolate swirl cupcake my teenage daughter made with this fun kit. She found the directions clear and easy to follow and can’t wait to make another sweet treat from it!

Judging from their enormous display at any/every Home Depot, and on the desks, mantles, and window sills of literally everyone I know, cacti, and other succulents, seem to be having a “moment.” They are inherently cute, while remaining prickly, like so many of my friends.

So I guess it’s no surprise that crocheting — another latest fad — and cactus should come together. This super-fun kit offers everything you need, in a fun boxed/book set perfect for gifting. The crocheted cacti are super cute, fun to display — and cuddle with — and need even less water & care than their real-life cousins. Note that instructions involve abbreviated instructions for types of stitches required whenever, so it’s not really for beginners, I think.

This cute set includes a colorful instructional book and crochet materials in a nice boxed, ideal for gift giving. The templates and instructions include those for a bumblebee, fish, beaver, ladybug, elephant, hedgehog, a bear container, two alley cats (and trash cans with fishbones), mother and baby owl, and a silly duck, pig, and giraffe.

The animals are really cute, in the “amigurumi” style. The set includes yarn to make a couple of the animals. I’d recommend the set for those with a little experience crocheting, but with the helpful guide, templates, instructions, and step-by-step photos, you don’t need to be an expert to make these darling critters!

This charming crochet set would make such a fun and cute gift! The instructions include templates, tips, helpful photos and more for a bear, cow, monkey, kitten, chick, lamb, bunny, pig, dog, koala, alpaca, and mouse.

There are materials included to make two — the koala and bunny on the cover. They’re not too difficult to make and super cute besides. A great gift for a beginning or accomplished crochet-ist and the little animals are great gifts, too.

This darling crochet set includes materials and instructions, in a nice boxed set, that would be a great gift for those who like to crochet, or who love little toy forest animals. The projects included in the hard-bound book include super cute versions of an owl, fox, fawn, beaver, raccoon, squirrel, mouse, skunk, hedgehog, bunny, bird, and tortoise.

I think it’s best if you have some experience with crocheting, but beyond that, the instructions, templates and tips are very straightforward, and the many photos are really helpful.

This darling crochet set includes materials and instructions to create two of a dozen projects which include all your favorite characters, and few other items, to tell the enduring — and endearing — stories in the Hundred Acre Wood. Projects include: Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Owl, Gopher, Christopher Robin, a LIttle Black Rain Cloud set, the Hunny Pot, and most of all, Winnie the Pooh.

The yarns are quite nice, there is batting so they’re “stuffed with fluff,” and there are clear instructions, lots of explanatory photos, helpful tips, introductions to the stitches needed, and more. the nicely boxed-up set would make a wonderful gift for almost any level of crochet-ist, or as little figurines for your favorite little Winnie the Pooh fans.