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I’ve featured cute amigurumi items on Cute Everything, like the adorable crying onions and the bee gurumi. But this is a whole different story, as they say, “Watch out for the attack of the Cute!” Creepy Cute Crochet: Zombies, Ninjas, Robots, and More! is written by Christen Haden and published by Quirk Books and is filled with creepy and cute crocheted creations!

The book includes basic tools of the trade, resources and fun illustration which show what you will need for each figure and how to assemble it. Each design is ranked by difficulty, which is a nice help! All of the little guys are cute, with a little added creepiness. There’s a skeleton bride and groom, and as well as a devil, robot and vampire. My personal favorite is the corporate zombie; I really get where that is coming from. She also has an adorable ninja and even makes the grim reaper cute! And there are many more creepy cuties. If you like to crochet, this would be a great book for making Halloween decorations or fun gifts for your friends and family!