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This is a lovely set for would-be candlemakers to help them not only learn how, but to actually begin, right away. The book is printed on quality paper in full-color. I love the exceptionally beautiful photography throughout. The layout is clever, clear, and lovely, and the writing is both informative and engaging. The book is about 50 pages, with a super helpful and in-depth introduction, which shows and tells what you need, why, and all the basic techniques. The “Dos and Dont’s” and “Troubleshooting” sections are invaluable.

Then, the book offers 12 different candle projects, arranged by each season. Winter includes Candy Cane Candles. Spring offers Lemon Beeswax Candles, while summer has Beach Bum Sand Candles. Autumn features Apple Cinnamon Votive Candles. I love how each project seems to take on a different technique. The remaining 2-inches-or-so of the “book” is a box, with wax flakes, beeswax, two candle molds, floral fragrance, and several wicks. It’s an inspiring gift set that helps beginners actually get started right away!