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I love the crafting with mason jars trend and Crafting with Mason Jars and other Glass Containers has some really nice ideas. The chapters divide the crafts into sections for parties, home decor, garden decor, gift ideas and storage ideas. The photos of the projects are really nice and for the more detailed DIYs there are illustrations showing each step.

I loved the picnic basket, which includes mason jars filled with everything from salads to desserts. Another simple idea is filling jars with herbs, spices and citrus to add natural scents to my house without having to use chemical based air fresheners. I was very interested in seeing how to dye glass jars and I liked how they used all types of jars for that craft, including jam and spaghetti sauce jars.

I loved the snow globe spice shakers which are a fun twist on the snow globes I had as a child. They look so cute with the little animals peeking out from the different colors of spices. Lots of great ideas, I want to try them all!