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During school, I found that while I admired different artists, media, and styles of artwork — like Matisse, stained glass, or watercolor — I had trouble pressing through to do such work myself. Eventually, I found myself working digitally, which is great, but I miss the fun of working with real-life media. That’s why I am enjoying Crafting with Alcohol Inks and alcohol inks. The colors are super vibrant, like those Matisse used. While working with lead and cutting glass seemed laborious, painting on glass with these special dyes is a wonderfully simple and rewarding experience.

I especially love how the colors blend, like multi-color washes in a watercolor. My family’s projects are turning out beautifully, and it’s so wonderful to be ablet o express ourselves and add beauty all around us, in such simple and immediate ways. Fun! The book itself is, accordingly, beautiful and engaging in itself. The descriptions are well-written, and the many photos are both illuminating and inspiring. Such a delight! I wish I’d found this book years ago!