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This is an excellent coloring book revolving around a nature theme. The artistry of the illustrator is really distinct and inviting, with short simple and consistent lines used to create interlocking natural designs that really lovely and relaxing to color and enjoy. The paper is bright white and thick enough for all sorts of coloring media.

The illustrations are rendered with varying amounts of detail, as though the originals were of larger or smaller sizes. So there is something for everyone here to enjoy here, whether you like larger or more detailed coloring pages. Great fun and lovely results!

Oftentimes, books of knitted and crocheted toys are made simply, as though there are no grandmas out there who want to make something their grandkids will enjoy playing with as much as we do making them. So here’s my solution! The book includes a photo of each completed toy, along with some helpful illustrations for panels that are difficult to describe, but generally, the instructions are primarily knitting abbreviations. For more advanced knitters, this is a great guide for knitting toys our kids and grandkids will treasure and enjoy for years to come!

Some of my favorite memories of childhood revolved around the clever ladies during summer school who would offer some entirely new craft after another, day after day. It sure made those long summer days go by quickly. The crafts were so fun the summer school put the rest of the school year to shame! Now, with my own kids to care for, I wondered how to re-create some of those same kinds of varied activities and crafts that they could complete in just an hour or two, proclaim victory, feel better about themselves, and move on.

So this book is my own personal summer school! The projects are quite varied but all use basic arts & crafts supplies and tools and are inexpensive to make. The book is written in an engaging way with many,many great photos throughout to help figure things out, every step along the way. Some require an adult’s help, like using a clothes iron, but by and large, this is every summer school teacher’s dream come true!

I often look on with envy, on Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, at the lovely decorations lucky (and wealthy) brides have at their beautiful weddings. And I’d ask myself, wow, where do these wedding planners buy, you know, Moss-Covered Light-Up “Love” Metal-and-Reclaimed-Wood signs? Well, I think I just found out — this book! It features 15 As-Seen-On-Instagram designs for your wedding, that are quite simple, low cost, and really pretty!

Each project is broken down into many steps, to keep things super clear, and every step has an accompanying, full-color photo to go with it. Couldn’t be easier! Well written, quality binding and paper, and super helpful! If you are a wedding planner, this book is a no-brainer purchase, and for your own wedding, you deserve to get this to help save time and money on the greatest day of your life.