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I love Celtic art, and its sinuous, Art Nouveau-style of interlocking curves and abstract design for-its-own-sake. So this wonderful coloring book is perfect for me, and anyone who likes coloring circular “mandalas” or just wants to experiment with ancient and medieval Celtic design.

The 31 patterns are so fun to color, and its a great value besides. It’s ideal for gradients with colored pencils, etc. Note that some details are very fine, yet all are so beautiful. Really enjoying it!

Easy Bird Origami offers wonderful, full-color birds to fold and bring to life! Each page is printed — vividly! — to look like realistic birds. There are fascinating facts on each breed on the back of each pattern. There are just a couple folding approaches, so they’re all easy to master.

The results are beautiful! My daughters and I are going through the book, and using them to decorate an indoor tree we have, and are talking about adding them to our holiday tree this year, too. Lovely and fun!

I love the Art Nouveau period! The natural, organic lines, the shapely curves, and sinuous interlocking patterns. So I’m delighted to get to craft “jewelry” in the Art Nouveau style, if you will, in this fun and relaxing coloring book. The book offers the styles of Art Nouveau, which is generally rendered as elaborate jewelry pieces, although for me, they are as much abstract pattern as decorative objects.

I really kind of get into the flow of all the curving shapes, using various colors (not just gold, as one would expect in jewelry) and I always find myself rested and delighted with the results. I love how the curving lines and shapes evoke nature in such lovely works of art!