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Jungle Wonders is one of an on-going series of well-drawn coloring books, with this one featuring creatures and plant life in jungle settings. The 8 1/2 x 11 book draws on one side of the pages, and each is perforated for easy display later. There is a wide variety of drawing styles to please anyone.

My favorites are a marvelously detailed lion, and another with a tiger, with each face and mane divided into detailed geometric designs. Another features two (or more?) snakes with their scaled lengths curling around an overlapping across the page. Finally, I enjoyed coloring a page filled with with exotic, overlapping greenery. Sounds simple, yet it was well done with leaves and fern fronds. The paper is thick and good quality, and the binding is stapled, so it’s easy to lay flat for easy coloring. A well-done all-ages coloring book.

Ocean Wonders continues a series of all-ages coloring books, each with its own theme. This one features nautical imagery, sea shells, and undersea life. Drawing styles and line widths vary widely. Some pages repeat the same image in calming patterns, like one page with rows of sea horses, others have overlapping images until the overall effect is surreal, and others look like a colorful scene under the sea.

The 8 1/2 x 11 pages are perforated, bound with staples (the book lays flat) and printed on thick, good quality paper. My favorite pages include a series of ships, compasses, anchors, helms, and spyglasses, with winding dotted paths connecting them all, with phrasing added like, “Summer,” “Free,” and “Trip Around the World.” Another favorite is a series of different types of whales covered in wavy lines, dots, and other patterns. Especially for those with interest in the sea, this is an appealing and well-designed all ages coloring book.

Extreme Wonders is perhaps my favorite book in a series of all-ages coloring books, each focusing on a certain theme. This theme focuses on overlapping, repetitive patterns — yet the quality and interest each page offers is far greater than that description might suggest. It’s really well done. There are Indian-style mandala-like pages that are both lovely in themselves and are really fun to color.

Their uniform lines and abstract elements within, like flowers and hearts, are among my favorite coloring designs ever. There are other great designs, too, like several with overlapping and connected circles which have a Celtic feel, which I find especially calming to color. I also really liked a page with overlapping houses, that was super fun, too. Each book, including this one, offers instructions on color theory and the color wheel, which is a nice touch. Highly recommended.