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My daughter loves to doodle, which is great, although she generally draws the same things over and over. She loves to take photos, too, though lately, that’s mostly been photos of clouds, which are lovely. She’s really enjoying Cloud Sketching. The lavishly photographed, well laid-out, deluxe soft-bound book is divided into 4 sections. The first exhibits numerous cloud-based sketches from Feijoó, many more than can be seen on his incredibly popular online presence (e.g., ).

Most illustrations feature clever comical creatures, both real and imaginary. The next section in the 152-page offers partially drawn illustrations on top of various clouds, which my daughter (or anyone) can finish. Third is a section of cloud photos with suggestions about what they could be drawn as. And the fourth offers a wide selection of dramatic and sketch-ready clouds. I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now — scenery and art inspiration — and still somehow it’s these sketches I’ll recall whenever I look at clouds in the future. So, it’s basically an art instruction and inspiration course in a lovely, coffee-table-book package. It’s wonderfully fun and creative.