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With Christmas coming, here’s some delightful Christmas themed craft books to get your creativity going!

Like it says, these are cats decorated, or dressed, or enjoying Christmas decor. Several seem to be enjoying the hospitality of Old Saint Nick at the North Pole or somewhere just as magical and festive. They are portrayed as though Santa’s elves, christmas angels, or holiday townsfolk just happen to be cats, all enjoying the holiday season — in spectacular style!

There is a consistent design sense throughout, offering balanced detail, with the outlines never outweighing the colored areas. It’s fun for colorists of all ages, with some clever details thought not too tiny to color. This is an excellent gift for cat lovers looking forward to Christmas!

With a more and more schooling happening at home these days, my kids are asking for crafts we can do at home without too much fuss or expense. So, we often turn to various paper crafts — homemade cards, books, or origami. They’re actually getting pretty good at it, too. I want them to keep going, developing their skills, perseverance, and confidence at the same time. So I was delighted to get this papercraft book — it’s lovely with clever yet clear layouts and lavish full-page photos. The easy to follow diagrams walk through about 40 different projects.

They include cute, detailed projects, and amazing ones that include moving parts. My favorite project right now is Jolly Santa Napkins and the Mini-Santas Cute Christmas Cards. This delightful book is giving them something to do over the holiday break while saving me some money on our holiday decorations, too. We all love it, as their papercrafts are adding such a warm holiday spirit to our home, while each child learns that doing something for others makes you as happy as those you share your gifts with.

This is a very high-quality coloring book with wonderful illustrations to color. They seem to be entirely original, with lots of beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, and other holiday decorations, to color. The illustrations are drawn well, rendered with a consistent line width — quite thin, so it doesn’t get in the way of coloring or take over the illustrations with black outlines.

The book is well bound, printed cleanly on high-quality paper, one side of each page only. Some of the details, like needles on the Christmas trees, so I’d suggest using sharp colored pencils. They’re all really quite lovely and sure get me and my family into the holiday spirit!

These little crocheted snowflakes are just darling! Most are about three inches wide, though some are small, some larger. The book itself is straightforward, easy to follow, with black-and-white photos of each little project.

The instructions are very clear, especially for more experienced crocheters, relying on the simplified abbreviations often used in crochet. The different stars and snowflakes are quite inventive, each unique from one another. There are also tiny stockings, bells, and more. They’d be ideal for ornaments and present wrappings.

What delightful projects these are! There are six simple projects, five intermediate, and four advanced projects — each of a magical person, creature, or place. For example, the simple projects include an owl, acorn and leaves, woodsman, fox, hedgehog, and a tiny mushroom house. Each project shares in the author’s consistent style and approach, which is engaging, warm, and are both fun to make and fun to see later.

The book itself is beautiful. Every page is in full color, with beautiful design and lavish, step-by-step photos, along with colored photos of the projects from every side. The text is engaging, explanatory, and very helpful. The enjoyment of this fun hobby comes through on every page.

If you’re anything like me, whenever you visit the crafts store, you’re tempted to buy all sorts of cute treasures. While maybe not knowing exactly what I’ll do with them in the future… I’ve always wanted to learn more about wreath making and I was very happy find this book because it shows me how to make lovely wreaths to decorate my home! Some of them are really simple and easy, like the snowman wreath, while others will take a little more of my time, but will be well worth it, like the Fall Eucaplyptus Wreath. The projects are easy to customize and are amazingly varied, using man-made and natural crafting materials. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn more about making wreaths.