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A few members of my close relations (I’m not naming names) are completely obsessed with cats. Old comfortable cats. Young frisky kittens. Their’s. Others’. Yours and mine included. If that sounds familiar, Cats in Paris is the ultimate coloring book. The illustrator’s cat first takes us on a tour of her home and its lovely surroundings in Paris, with stylish illustrations that vary markedly from most coloring books, and would look at home in Vogue (as they have).

After a dozen dazzling pages or so, the cat reaches her home sweet home, and we go on a voyage into her imagination (The cat’s? The illustrator’s? Mine?) of the clearly cat-obsessed, with surreal and playful patterns — all featuring cats, of course. It’s fabulous and fun, and truly one of the most delightful and artistic all-ages coloring books I’ve ever seen.