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I have always loved the stark beauty of Chinese brush painting. The abstract simplicity of the medium is so graceful and alive, as it not only portrays the beauties around us, but reveals the artist’s hand at work in what, until now, seemed like an entirely daunting medium. But now, with this very helpful, easy to read, and explanatory work, I feel comfortable creating these lovely (and quick!) paintings myself.

It borrows from my watercolor training, which I think would be helpful to others too, if you have even a little experience using them. Yet this unique direction, contrasting between stark black ink, and vivid watercolors, is among the most beautiful works of art, yet take little time, and seem to sell well, too. Highly recommended.

Have you been inspired by the immense popularity of all-ages coloring books — not only to color, but to create your own, as well? This is the book for you. It takes a simple approach, based on basic drawing strokes, similar to tole painting, and shows you how to expand them into portraying a wide range of plants and flowers, using the various strokes in a wide range of designs and patterns. The book is broken up into 36 lessons, which is a great approach, and I found no real difficulty in practicing specific techniques, and by the end, pulling them together into larger works.