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I’m really loving my Bowdabra! It’s so easy to make perfect, gorgeous bows at a fraction of the price I would have to buy them for at the store. And, honestly, no stores around me have bows as cute as the ones I can easily make using the Bowdabra!

It’s also the perfect gift for craft-lovers and the perfect holiday decorating tool. It’s so nice that it is “goof-proof” and every bow I make turns out amazing. I love how it helps to hold the pieces in place, since I had struggled with making bows and not having enough fingers 🙂 I’m having so much fun making bows and I’m so happy with how they are turning out, I’m even considering trying to sell some hair bows for little girls and babies in my local area!

If you want to get creative and dress up your holiday decorating, this is an easy way to do that. It’s also the perfect gift for the craft-lover or DIY’er in your life.

The Bowdabra is an easy-to-use bow making tool that lets you create designer-quality pieces – from hairbows to gift wrapping to home decor, seasonal crafts, and holiday decorations like wreaths, ornaments, centerpieces, and more!

Bowdabra, the world’s easiest bow making tool, can turn anyone into a bow making expert. With the Bowdabra Bow Maker you can you create professional-looking bows for every occasion formal and informal – in mere minutes! The kit has everything needed to create your own unique bows, including Bowdabra, Bowdabra wand, 30-minute project DVD, instruction book and 10 yards of Bowdabra bow wire. Learn how to make hair bows, home décor, seasonal crafts and gift wrapping with the easy bow making tutorials and instructions.

The Bowdabra DIY bow maker tools – includes Large Bowdabra, Mini Bowdabra, and Hair Bow Tool and Ruler as well as a huge selection of choicest ribbons and the ever-dependable sturdy and twistable Bowdabra Bow Wire.

Whether you plan to use it as a gift, or for your own holiday decorating, you need Bowdabra in your life this holiday season. It’s an inexpensive, “goof-proof” bow maker that’s designed to transform the creatively-challenged into creative pros. Not only will it amp up your gift wrapping game, you can use it to craft a wide range of holiday decor, party favors, wreaths, hair bows, and so much more! It’s a fun and creative hands-on activity for all ages and it’s super simple to use.

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