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It seems like all the great artists learn to do block printing (here, using linoleum tiles instead of wood, an easier approach). I don’t know if it is something that informs the rest of their art or vice versa, but I really wanted to learn more. Plus, offering real block prints of your work is something many artists are, well, making a great deal of money selling their IRL prints online. Either way, the technique seems well worthwhile. But I wasn’t sure where to start?

With this book, I found my answer. This beautiful book offers an excellent layout, quality color printing on thick paper, with lavish photography throughout — along with concise instructions and tips for creating specific projects, which easily lend themselves to innumerable printing approaches/designs of your own. After an in-depth introductory section, several artists are profiled and offer about 20 different projects covering a wide range of subject matter and approaches. It’s all very down-to-earth, quite practical, very accessible for any ranch of experience — and so much fun to do!