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All of my children play Minecraft often, although it took me a while to understand the different ways to enjoy the “game.” When they showed me some of their “Creative Mode,” I was wowed by just how creative they’d become. Since then, we’ve taken tours of other, popular scenes and locations, but I’ve wondered what other marvelous creations await out there, and how I can encourage my children’s own creative endeavors to reach even greater heights.

We’re all really loving this book. It’s a beautiful coffee table style book, with stunning and lovely Minecraft creations throughout. I love the statues, the breathtaking scenes, and literally wonderful locations — I’m ready to move to Tomorrowland any day. My kids have been thrilled, too, and are often brainstorming while browsing through the book together. And we’ve all researched the various Seven Wonders of the World found therein. It’s a book of wondrous imagery both inspired and inspiring.