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Our family has traveled all over, taking our kids to see Lego sculptures, literally, from one end of the country to the other. Our kids love these large-scale sculptures of everything from life-sized lions, to dinosaurs, to dragons, and more. It’s been really fun. Eventually, though, my children began to wonder about making their own colossal LEGO sculptures. Of course, we don’t have quite that many LEGOs at hand, which is why I was happy to find Beasts from Bricks.

In it, a remarkably talented LEGO sculptor show how to make little animals using just a handful of bricks (instead of thousands). My kids love the abstract yet evocative designs of so many animals they love. They’re so proud of their real LEGO sculptures, and I’m proud of them, too. The book offers deluxe soft-cover binding, printing, and layout throughout, with clear photos and visual step-by-step illustrations.