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Artful Handmade Wrap Bracelets reminds me of when I was in junior high and me and my friends would make colorful friendship bracelets using embroidery floss. I like the idea of adding in beads and turning the bracelets into a lovely gift for my friends or family. In Artful Handmade Wrap Bracelets each has its own female name and the styles range from the more rustic to the elegant, depending on what materials are used. There are bracelets with no beads, just the braided material, some with one or two and some with beads all the way around.

I reviewed the Basic Braids and Knots section several times before starting, but once I got braiding it went faster than I thought. I tried the Audrey first, as it had a simple braiding that I felt familiar with. It was easy to add the beads in since they had headpins attached to them. I got ideas from the book, and also went with my own creativity  and added in extra beads as I thought they would look nice. There are some very pretty examples that I’m excited to try in Artful Handmade Wrap Bracelets, like the eternity themed Scarlett or creamy colored stackable Nicole. Very fun!