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I remember using my free time in school to perfect my doodles, decorations, flourishes, and garlands I would draw on my work. Now, many years later, working as a graphic designer, with styles moving more and more toward hand-drawn design, I find myself a little bit behind all those who just kept doodling/learning graphic design. How can I learn/re-learn how to do hand-drawn design? With this wonderful book, I found my answer!

It is a delight from cover to cover. There are a wide range of popular design and flourishes, from garlands to ribbons to borders and much, much more. Some of the more complex designs are laid out step by step from beginning to end, yet most are quite clear once you see them drawn out. The book is well bound and printed on high-quality paper, with great explanations/descriptions for each of the 30 chapters. Whether you’re just looking for doodling inspiration or are a pro designer looking for hand-drawn inspiration, this straightforward book is a true inspiration. I hope the author produces more books like this!