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It’s really fun to see crafting methods, that I remember seeing as a young child, returning now that I am old enough to do them myself. Here, this fascinating book shows how to use traditional pyrography methods, with the latest tools, via step-by-step instructions, each accompanied by great photo. The book spans may styles and methods, and while it may be geared toward the “master” level, is so clear and straightforward that I think anyone could learn so much by trying their hand at each. Some of the techniques are truly amazing.

I love the animal prints, like the feathers, scales, and furs, from many animals, which all look incredibly real. Many of the 18 projects would work best for those who are already accomplished wood working hobbyists and have some tools to cut out different shapes and such, for example, for the several game board projects included. I’m enjoying trying these for myself and “drawing” on the wood with the various nibs and tools available now is a real, and relaxing, joy.

I’ve noticed that several leading contemporary artists create their (very expensive) works in a realistic style on natural woods. Along the lines of that trend, comes this incredibly beautiful book on creating almost photo-realistic animals on natural woods using a variety of woodburning tools and techniques.

The book is divided into 6 chapters, including a detailed introduction and overview, Working from Photographs, Woodburning Basics, Feature Studies (eyes, fur, whiskers), and adding color and finishes, including watercolors, alcohol inks, and sealants. The book is very well written, with clear step-by-step instructions, which help show how layering from lighter to darker shades can help create a realistic surface. Really amazing and super fun to do and learn from!