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My daughter, who is quite a crafter, has always loved butterflies. There’s something magical about such a simple and blobby-looking bug transforming into something so intricate and beautiful. She’s loving this delightful origami butterfly kit. The papers are lovely and the two books are all the help she needs.

She seems to have no trouble doing the folds in symmetrical ways, making lovely butterflies in a variety of patterns and colors. The system offers new ways to create butterflies so a person could come up with ways to make their own designs, too. In any case, my daughter is really enjoying this set, and it’d make a great gift for anyone learning more about origami.

This set makes a really wonderful gift in itself, yet gives that lucky recipient the chance to give many little gifts to others thereafter. It’s always a kind gesture to send someone a quick note to thank them for lunch, or their friendship, a recent gift, or whatever. This set includes fairly easy envelopes and gift cards to fold and make, which elevate a simple note into a keepsake — a handmade gift and note, in one.

The patterns on the included papers are lovely, too, with abstracted and modernized Asian prints that really well designed and perfect for all sorts of occasions. The helpful book, included, extends the gifts for years to come, since the folds are easily done with papers purchased later on. It’s a gift which keeps on giving!

We have some happy newlyweds in our family. We visit them often enough to notice they often leave notes to each another, which I think is really cute, and I am happy to encourage that! That’s why I’m excited to get this lovely — and loving! — set for them. I love that this set includes such lovely folding papers, with sweet and romantic patterns on each. The folds are really pretty straightforward, and clever, yet are easy to do with the help of the instruction book inside.

The folded notes transform a simple note into a lovely, handmade gift. Aside from being a fun hobby, I hope these origami love notes will remind them of the importance to communicate often, even just to repeat that they love one another.

We have a family friend who, despite being quite young, is a gifted florist, well known throughout our multi-state region. So, with her birthday fast approaching, I wasn’t sure what to give her, as surely, flowers wouldn’t do — no one else could compare with her arrangements! — even though flowers really are one of her true loves.

This nice gift set includes modern and traditional colored and patterned papers, all of which can be folded, with the helpful guide, included — into a wide variety of paper flowers. I admit that I couldn’t name many of the 27 folding patterns’ specific flowers IRL, but I am happy to offer a relaxing hobby to her that reflects her interests, and offers such beauty, too! Needless to say, I think this is a wonderful gift, even for yourself!

This book offers an easy to follow guide to creating origami boxes of all types and levels of complexity. Tomoko Fuse seems to be one of (if not THE) greatest origami artists living today, if not ever. Her works are featured in museums around the world. And yet, with this wonderful book, I can re-create her wondrous creations myself. It’s almost like having a world-class artist create a little paper sculpture for my personal use, as hand-made gifts, or for my home or office decor. I’m enjoying my relaxing hobby and have added a little loveliness to my office, too. Delightful book!