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Such a beautiful book! Striking, elegant images of a mouse playing with a goldfish friend, and then rescuing them both, when some enemies arrive, this eloquent book illustrates how even the smallest of us can become the greatest of heroes. The beautiful illustrations and clever wording are given the respect they deserve with high-quality paper, printing, binding, cover, and jacket. It’s a beautiful book, created with warmth, caring, and love, and I think, an instant classic, as well.

This is a refreshing retelling of the classic tale of reluctantly going to summer camp, and having a rotten time, until making a friend who is having just as difficult a transition, and then palling around and making their own fun from there on out. The big twist here, though, is that the summer camp is literally on the moon, and all the activities are set there on a crater-filled landscape. The illustrations are delightful, colorful, and very well done, with a witty cleverness and warm style that is quite endearing. The book itself is top-notch, with very high quality printing, paper, binding, hardcover, and dust jacket. A wonderful story, well told, in a fascinating setting that will send any space-loving child into orbit.

This charming rhyming book explains — with delightfully colorful and unique illustrations — the wonderful quote from Gandhi, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” I love reading this to my children, who often ask questions about how “thoughts make the man,” along with the world he lives in. This remarkable message is given an equally remarkable book — with very high quality verse, illustrations, printing, paper, binding, cover, and dust jacket.

My kids and I really enjoy how this fun and funny book which compares and contrasts different different types of sharks inside of a delightful storyline. The great white shark wonders why he is so “great” and assumes he he must be the fastest, smartest, sneakiest, biggest, oldest, and so forth, only to find he’s none of the above. With some friendly encouragement to be the best shark he can be, he realizes he is the smiling-est of all sharks. Indeed, Great White’s have the most teeth which, I have to admit, is a pretty good feature for a shark. The book itself is remarkably beautiful, with lots of full page color and each shark rendered in a slightly different style, with an overall collage effect which adds to each shark’s distinctiveness. The book is printed, well, perfectly, with top notch, paper, binding, hardback cover, and dust jacket. With lots of additional factoids and fun, this delightful shark book is one my children adore and love to read over and over, while I love the subtextual message about learning to not compare oneself to others too much — something we can all learn from!