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The author of All Lovely Things reminds us how much more an object in our lives can mean than what it seems. We live in a world with natural and manmade objects all around us and they definitely impact our lives in many way. I can really relate to the premise, especially the older I get and the more I realize how much impact the small things in my life have. This visual journal allows me to express through my simple drawings (amateur at best!), how i feel about the objects that surround me. As the mother of several children, I have many objects like that. I’m extremely sentimental about them, yet hadn’t ever considered documenting them in this way.

I appreciated the prompts, which helped me to remember things that I otherwise may not have. I also think this book would work well as a collaboration with your child or parent to preserve special family memories. The book is filled with small frames with a single word prompt and includes examples to get you thinking. In the back there’s a long list of additional prompts, in case you run out of ideas. I think All Lovely Things is a wonderful keepsake to have of my own life, as well as pass on to my children one day.