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I’ve enjoyed the other cute knitting books from this author, so I was excited to see this new one that comes with a fun story, Adventures in Mochimochi Land. It also comes with complete directions for making all of the adorable, tiny knitted characters in the story.

I really admire the author’s creativity and humor, the miniature creations are so cute themselves, and it’s really great to see them in a fun setting and storyline! Everything is adorable, but I especially loved the little, round donut holes and the cinnamon rolls, too!

Since I haven’t picked up my knitting needles in a long time I was glad to see a refresher in the back, plus instructions on how to use DPN’s (double pointed needles). I chose thicker needles since the book suggested that for ease of use for beginners. I have already tried to make a little balloon, which turned out a little wonky, but I still think it’s pretty cute!

Click image below to go to the Mochi Mochi Land blog and get a FREE pattern for a cute knitted chocolate chip cookie!