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Love these creative ways to use granny squares. They are already fun to make, but 10 Granny Squares 30 Bags has lots of great ways to use them that I never would have thought of. The bags come in different shapes and sizes. In the book, they first explain how to make the granny square and then include detailed instructions for making a pretty bag from that style of square. Each of the ten squares has three options for stylish bags to create from them.

I was really impressed with the vibrant colors and fun styles of the bags. Some of them are large, but I think they would look great sized down as a mini bag, too. The very first bag shown really caught my eye, it’s a beach tote in bright colors that has cute starfish and sand dollars decorating it. I also loved the lacy linen bag in purple ombre shades, so pretty and it has a modern boho chic look! Lots of great ideas and clear photos to easily follow!