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Woven bracelets have been super cool for trendsetters for, well, it seems like decades. And the more, the better. But when I’ve bought them online, they seem to inevitably be too… small, large, much, little, something. And as a personal statement, it’s the kind of thing that would be nice to reflect style and have a little story along with it. So now I have the solution: You want something done right, DIY.

And, wow, this book really covers the full range of expression, showing how — through great photos, clear text, and helpful diagrams — to add beads of all kinds to leather and fiber woven bracelets. Seriously, you could set up an online store of yourself with this helpful book of 100 different design projects which are easily adaptable to whatever individual bracelet you’d like.

My daughter is learning to crochet and, since she is a reader, I thought this book might offer some appeal to her. She has a fun sense of humor, likes critters of all kinds, and well, has enough patience at this point to crochet a bookmark, proclaim victory, and move on.

If you know someone like that then I think they’re sure to appreciate the 17 projects/bookmarks, along with the excellent “basics” introduction to crochet, included. The characters are genuinely funny and cute and my daughter is absolutely delighted (and me too)!

This booklet offers printed components to create a complex haunted house with lots of delightful details from horror movies and stories. The completed house has so many great details — rooms, “scary” settings, and famous figurines, that kids of all ages are sure to be delighted with the results.

The finished house is less than a foot tall or wide and the pages are printed on heavy cardstock so experience with a hobby knife and cutting mat are highly recommended. The pieces can be quite small and detailed so I had some difficulty with getting a few pieces to connect and fold properly. Still, the results are well worth it! So fun!

I’m not entirely sure if these lovely, organic curved tendrils are supposed to be an exotic flower or some kind of sea life, LOL, yet regardless, I am really enjoying this delightful coloring book. It offers entirely unique illustrations, all drawn with a consistent line, around a common design theme.

The paper is clear white and thick enough for any range of coloring methods. Very well done and relaxing to color. The finished pages are really something and some of my best work/play, too!